Sharing information

Most information is shareable to other members within a project. To share information between members you have to add those users as members to the project. You do this in the 'Members' tab when viewing the properties of a project. You add a member to the project by setting his/her permissions within a project. Note that e.g. the Write permission also means the member has Use and Read access. This means you cannot let a member have Write permission but Not Read.

As a member or owner of a project you can now start sharing information within the project by clicking the 'Use in project' button. If you want to share an entire directory and its content, find your directory, select the checkbox next to it and click 'Use in project'. You will be prompted if you want to share it recursively or the directory only. To Not share anything click the red icon in top right corner of the popup window.

Last modified 14 years ago Last modified on Sep 18, 2008, 3:59:49 PM