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    1515 1. Apache Tomcat servlet container installed (see []). Preferably the environment variable CATALINA_HOME should be set to point to the base directory of your Tomcat installation.
    17 === Note on Shell Interpreter on Unix/Linux Systems ===
     17=== Note on Shell Interpreter on !Unix/Linux Systems ===
    1919Shell scripts *.sh in Proteios SE are designed to be interpreted using the `bash` shell (Bourne Again Shell).
    2323of entering "``", enter "`bash`", provided that `bash` links to the
    2424`bash` shell.
     26=== Note on CATALINA_HOME vs CATALINA_BASE ===
     28Originally the Tomcat executables were located in directories `$CATALINA_HOME/bin/` and `$CATALINA_HOME/lib/`, while each servlet was located in its own directory under `$CATALINA_HOME/webapps/`. However, in order to allow more than one instance of Tomcat to run simultaneously, e.g. with different port numbers, environment variable `CATALINA_BASE` was introduced to specify the location of the `webapps/` directory, where the servlets for a specific Tomcat instance were installed, while `$CATALINA_HOME` specified the location of the Tomcat application itself.
     30To start several Tomcat instances with different configurations, `$CATALINA_BASE` is first set to the location for the servlets, the Tomcat instance in question should use, after which Tomcat is started (often from a start-up script) with desired configurations for the instance, including port number. `$CATALINA_BASE` is then set to the location for the servlets, the next Tomcat instance should use, and a new Tomcat instance is started with new configuration, and so on. The current value of `$CATALINA_BASE` can therefore only be used to find the location of servlets, for the last Tomcat instance started (provided its value has not been changed after that).
     32Unlike `$CATALINA_HOME`, `CATALINA_BASE` is not intended to be set to a fixed value for a system and remain unchanged for a considerable time, but is intended to tell Tomcat and related scripts what subset of servlets a specific operation concerns. However, on systems where only one instance of Tomcat is used, `$CATALINA_BASE` will specify the location of the `webapps/` directory, where servlets are installed. This gives the administrator freedom to have the Tomcat application installed in one place, and servlet code in another. Some Linux distributions like Ubuntu have different default locations for these, `$CATALINA_HOME` is `/usr/share/tomcat6/`, while `$CATALINA_BASE` is `/var/lib/tomcat6/` for Tomcat version 6. For a Tomcat installation with both application and `webapps` directory under the same root directory, `$CATALINA_BASE` will have the same value as `$CATALINA_HOME`.
     34On development systems for Proteios SE 2.0.17 or earlier, `$CATALINA_HOME` should be set, while on Proteios SE 2.0.18 and later, `$CATALINA_BASE` should be set (`$CATALINA_HOME` may also be set). If you want Proteios SE to be installed under directory `$CATALINA_HOME/webapps/proteios/`, simply set `$CATALINA_BASE` to the same value as `$CATALINA_HOME`.
    2636== Quick Windows Install ==