Hits Comparison Report


  1. Hits comparison should be performed after combining hits, followed by protein assembly (not necessary for comparing peptides).
  2. Comparison can be either non-quantitative or quantitative.
  3. Comparison can be performed for either peptides or proteins.
  4. Comparison is performed between two sets of hits, that may belong to the same project or different projects.
  5. A hit selection may use either gel external id (gel-based) or local sample id (non gel-based). It is possible to compare a gel-based hit selection with a non gel-based one.
  6. A hits comparison is configured in two steps. In the form for the first step general settings and the hit selection projects are selected, after which the form for the second step adapts the options to the settings chosen in the first step.
  7. A hits comparison is performed as a job and creates a tab-separated value (tsv) file as result.

Detailed Description

  1. Non-Quantitative Hits Comparison Report
  2. Quantitative Hits Comparison Report
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