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     1== `ExQuest` import ==
     3To import `ExQuest` mappings to the hits report, a specific extension needs to be used. First you need to make sure that the gel has been entered into your project so that it is visible under Gels. You also need to upload the `ExQuest` spot cutter picklist to your project directory. Then check the file check box for the `ExQuest` file in the `Files` view and select `Extensions->ExQuest cutter import for a gel`. Then select the appropriate gel in the select  box and press the `Create Job` button.
     5When the job has finished you will find the mapping from Gel to microtitre plate in the Hits report. Then you can import the final target plate mapping from the 'Digester file'. To do this, upload the digester file to your project directory, check the file check box and select `Extensions->Digester import to a plate`. You then need to enter the External ID of the target plate, and press `Create Job[s]`. Once the job is finished you are ready to import peak lists using step 2 of the [wiki:GelBasedReport Hits Report Wizard].